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Early industry involvement yields value for emerging talent

By Amy Thomas Posted May 8, 2020

ELFA Mag ETAC Ryan Van De Boogard articleEquipment finance professionals can view their early career years as too complex or busy to take time to develop leadership skills, but that mindset can keep them from exploring the professional growth opportunities available within the industry, say several industry leaders interviewed for a recent article in Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine.

Equipment finance professionals come together to improve

In "The Future of You" article, Susan L. Hodges describes five steps for professionals in equipment finance to increase their knowledge and awareness:

  1. Assess yourself
  2. Go wider, deeper and longer
  3. Select mentors just ahead of you
  4. Tap the Emerging Talent Advisory Council (ETAC) for resources
  5. Continue to explore and learn

The article explores these concepts in more depth with the help of members of the Emerging Talent Advisory Council (ETAC) formed in 2017 by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association to engage emerging talent by its member companies. The Council promotes self-development through numerous events held in person and virtually. Online offerings include Q&As in the “Ask a Leader Interview Series,” and the recently launched “Equipment Finance Matters” podcast.

Key leader encourages others to get involved

In the article, Ryan Van de Boogaard, leasing manager at Key Equipment Finance, says his involvement in ETAC has shaped his thinking about the future and about remaining in equipment finance.

“Having the opportunity to serve and volunteer for ELFA through ETAC allows me to network with leaders, future leaders and peers,” he says. “This is a tight-knit and unique industry, and I think the earlier you can get involved, the more value you’ll get from it."Ryan Van De Boogaard, Key Equipment Finance

"Young professionals don’t understand the impact they can make on the industry until they volunteer to serve. I’m honored to be helping grow the future of this industry.”
Ryan Van De Boogaard, Leasing Manager at Key Equipment Finance

Van de Boogaard also encourages emerging talent to be proactive in their search for new experiences and opportunities.

“I’d tell young professionals just starting in equipment finance to learn what ELFA and the (Equipment Leasing & Finance) Foundation have to offer and then get involved,” he says. “It’s amazing to see an industry full of competitors come together and find ways to improve our businesses, find creative solutions for our customers and improve the industry as a whole. ELFA and ETAC provide many opportunities to build out your network, which is so important in growing a career.”  

ELFA provides resources for emerging talent

The ELFA has an Emerging Talent webpage for more information on the following resources.


ELFA’s Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing and Finance, other online courses and Principles of Leasing & Finance Workshops get employees up-to-speed on industry practices.


ELFA holds networking and learning events for emerging talent throughout the year.

Generation Next LinkedIn Group

ETAC created this group to help young professionals share career building and relevant industry content, connect up-and-comers with influencers and engage and educate emerging talent.

Internship Center

A platform from the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation for students and organizations to find each other and make connections.


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