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Green Office Week puts sustainable practices into action for Key employees

By keyblogadmin in Company News Posted May 28, 2015

blog_aborDay1Small efforts to be green can really add up fast, and they did so recently during Green Office Week at Key Equipment Finance as part of the Project impACT, an employee project involving Key sustainability strategies, wellness initiatives and philanthropic activities.

The totals:

  • 1,500 pounds of paper to be recycled
  • 1,576 pounds of electronic waste collected
  • 85,000 12-ounce water bottles kept out of landfills by using water fountain that tracks water consumption, which goes into refillable bottles
  • 50 Colorado Blue Spruce tree saplings given away in honor of Arbor Day

blog_aborDay3_little“It really was a tremendous success,” said Paige Yungstrom, Project impACT leader.

Key Equipment Finance partnered with Cintas, its shredding partner, to shred the 1,500 pounds of paper to be recycled.

The 1,576 pounds of electronic waste included old televisions and computer monitors. “That’s something our employees really appreciate,” Yungstrom said, “because it costs to dispose of these items and it takes time.”

In addition, employees observed an Earth hour over their lunch breaks by turning off monitors and lights, and making sure everything was powered down. “It is more of a signal of commitment to conservation,” Yungstrom said, “as opposed to making a huge difference in energy.”

blog_aborDay2_littleIn honor of Arbor Day, Project impACT also gave away 50 Colorado Blue Spruce tree saplings to employees.

“Everyone who wanted one pretty much got one,” Yungstrom said. “That was a new idea brought to us from one of our team members, and it came off wonderfully.”

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