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Key breaks into top 5 in vendor finance channel

By keetonpr in Company News Posted May 6, 2016


Key Equipment Finance reported a 41% increase in vendor new business volume growth for 2015, which helped place it in the top 5 vendor channel originators in The Monitor's 2015 Most Active players in the Vendor Channel report.

The increase was "by far the largest percentage increase reported in the top 5," according to the Monitor. In addition, Keyu Equipment Finance reported for 2015:

  • a $678 million increase
  • a 6.2% share of the market
  • $2.333 billion in vendor originations at 2015 year end, up from $1.66 billion a year ago

As a group, this year's top five vendor channel originators accounted for $24.4 billion or 65% of the total for all 25 participants. The combined net increase of $1.92 billion reported by the top five accounted for about 79.8% fo the total next increase of $2.4 billion for the year.

Taking a step back: What is vendor financing?

Key Equipment Finance may be best known for its equipment financing solutions for businesses of all sizes in the United States, but it also provides financing to the customers of equipment manufactureres, distributors and value-added resellers.

Known as vendor financing, the practice enables manufaturers, deales and resellers to add financing to the sales process to close more sales, more quickly.

Specialty areas include information technology, energy and water, health care, specialty vehicle and industrial. 

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