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Key Equipment Finance’s Lori G. Frasier graduates from Leadership Program of the Rockies

By Stacey Hartmann in Company News Posted July 7, 2015


Lori G. Frasier, senior vice president of strategy and performance management, has graduated from Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR). The multi-faceted, nine-month training program combines the study of the constitution and free-market capitalism, and brings together a selective cross section of emerging leaders from Colorado in business, public policy and community activism.

“I am honored to graduate from this principled, highly focused program,” Frasier said. “Our class of 64 heard from world-class teachers from around the country on foreign policy, economics, education and government. By delving into topics such as the morality of capitalism and the timeless principles of the American Founding, I’ve gained valuable new perspective as a business leader.”

Former Congressman, Bob Schaffer is the chairman of LPR and teaches parts of the curriculum, as well as facilitates a unique interactive feature of the class, “Speak Out.”

LPR alumni have become local and national elected officials, top state leaders, federal judges, presidential cabinet members and prominent influencers in business, public policy, the media, and in schools across the state.

“LPR is the most effective tool to promote liberty that I have witnessed here in Colorado,” said Shari Williams, president of the organization. “We are teaching people how to understand the founding principles and how to boil down the conditions of freedom to the simplest elements.”

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