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Key volunteers help community keep waterways clean

By Amy Thomas in Community Posted June 20, 2019

Key employee painting mural on waterwayWith the help of volunteers from KeyBank and Key Equipment Finance during a recent Neighbors Make the Difference Day, the City of Westminster in Colorado is raising awareness of the essential need to keep the stormwater drain system free of pollution and contaminants.

Education helps reduce pollution

Untreated, contaminated water that drains from local streets into the storm drain system is considered stormwater, according to a recent post on the city's website. Rainwater and snowmelt not absorbed by the soil runs into street curbs, storm sewers, ditches and ponds, taking with it everything in its path, including grass clippings, fertilizers, pesticides, oil, pet waste and more.

By integrating public art in this case painted murals — with the storm inlet system, the city’s stormwater program informs citizens about its efforts to keep Westminster waterways clean.

Key Volunteers Make Impact


To convey these messages, the volunteers from Key painted the stormwater drains with scenes depicting kids floating on tubes, people fishing, and fish swimming. The images included messages such as "no dumping," "keep our water fishable/swimmable" and "keep our waterways clean" to create awareness of the connection between stormwater, lifecycle activities and surrounding habitat.
"KeyBank does every year Neighbors Make the Difference Day, where we give back to the communities we serve," he said. "We work with Key Equipment Finance in Superior, Colorado, and a bunch of us live in the community of Westminster. Every year we come and volunteer and this is our second year doing these murals. We had so much fun last year, we wanted to do it again."
Ryan van de Boogaard, Leasing Manager, Key Equipment Finance

Philanthropy creates strong communities

Key recognizes being part of a community means working to make it better. For this reason, Key focuses its corporate responsibility initiatives on philanthropy, sponsorships and outreach to enhance the cities, towns and counties where employees live and work.

To get a more detailed picture:

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