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New video: How will tax reform impact equipment acquisition?

By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted June 7, 2018

As businesses look to expand and acquire new equipment in 2018, they need to consider the impact of the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on their equipment acquisition process.

With this in mind, now is the time to seek advice on corporate tax reform and capital equipment expenditures, says Peter Bullen, senior vice president for Key Equipment Finance, who describes the current environment as a "perfect storm" in a new video.Peter Bullen talks about Tax Reform

"The economy is increasing," he says. "Tax rates are dropping. Companies are now fully able to depreciate equipment. But there's also a limitation on interest expense. There's a lot of confusion out there."

In the video, Bullen goes on to answer:

  • What is the impact of the lower tax rate combined with the new deductions?
  • How do businesses decide if they could benefit from a tax lease structure?

See the answers here:

Watch tax reform video





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