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White paper: Robotics, manufacturing and financing

By Amy Thomas in Industry Trends, Thought Leadership Posted June 27, 2018

As robotics becomes increasingly common in the manufacturing process, industry leaders face an imperative to learn more about implications of high-level automation.

Integration of robotics into business operations

Robotics — the technology that deals with robot development, operation and applications — promises the greatest manufacturing productivity increase since the industrial revolution more than two centuries ago.

For any manufacturing business or organization concerned with repetitive, programmable tasks – including sophisticated ones – now is the time to integrate robotics into business operations.

Many organizations investing in business efficiencies from the top down capitalize on robotics to address common, core problems in manufacturing operations, resulting in these benefits:

  • Reduced turnover losses
  • Increased productivity and fewer defects
  • Multi-talented multi-tasking

Nearly any manufacturer can profit on multiple levels from investing in robotics.

Check out this interactive graphic and gain access to an informative robotics white paper outlining the benefits and considerations.

View Interactive Infographic




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