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Technology bolsters creative marketing programs for equipment finance sales success

By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted December 4, 2017

The most recent issue of Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine explores the value of technology-based marketing programs for equipment finance companies, including highlights from Key Equipment Finance's marketing efforts to support sales.

Coll2 photo.jpg“When marketing is aligned with the sales team, it can make a huge difference,” says Colleen Daly, vice president of strategy and performance management for Key Equipment Finance.

Communications and marketing goals are the same as sales goals at the company, writes Susan L. Hodges, so when sales leaders create their strategic plans, “We collaborate with them to see how we can support their growth initiatives and help our sales people achieve them,” Daly says. “When the sales team realizes that your mission is the same as theirs, it changes the conversation. We get a lot more buy-in.”

Hodges interviewed marketing representatives from four equipment finance companies with innovative marketing initiatives.

Daly noted that communications and marketing results measurement once meant tracking the number of visits to a website or the opens and clicks in an email. Those metrics are still important to marketing professionals and are used to refine and improve company marketing initiatives. “But we’ve moved beyond this to ask how these initiatives are helping our sales team reach their goals,” she says. “We want to be able to see and show the results more concretely.”

To do that, Daly’s team uses a marketing automation platform that can track all of the company’s marketing activities. “We can see how our initiatives are working together, such as how our social-media strategy is driving people to our website or how our PR efforts are helping to get the word out about our capabilities,” she says. “We’re measuring results now in much more meaningful ways.”

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