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Column: To diversify, hire like a tech company

By Amy Thomas in Government, Thought Leadership Posted November 30, 2018

For more than a decade, leaders within Key Equipment Finance—and within the entire equipment finance industry—have been looking for ways to attract younger, more diverse applicants to careers in equipment finance, writes Amy Gross in a recent column in Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine.

ForLinkedIn_AmyGross20151015-9764"We have formed committees, held meetings and conducted research, and still we find that equipment finance just isn’t in the hearts or on the minds of recent college graduates or young professionals in search of a career change," writes Gross, senior vice president of Key Government Finance.

"As I have sought to fill some open positions on my own team recently, it occurs to me that perhaps we need a paradigm shift when it comes to hiring.

"Can we shift how we think about what the workforce of the future looks like, from where we pull talent and, importantly, how we train and retain our employees to build a more diverse and entrepreneurial industry?

Focus on strong leaders

"These days, every company is a tech company. With the digitization of banking, equipment finance companies are more entrenched in technology than we’ve ever been before, and so are the clients we serve in health care, energy, government and manufacturing.

So why aren’t we recruiting our next generation of workers from technology companies, or from companies in the markets where we do the most business?

"Perhaps we are too focused on looking for people who know leasing, and not focused enough on looking for strong leaders with transferable skill sets, outside of our industry.

"We could build on skills such as financial acumen or relationship building and train them on the ins and outs of equipment finance."

To learn more about developing a deeper bench and being deliberate about diversity and inclusion:

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