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MNI article features perspectives from Key Equipment Finance

In a recent article by MNI, a provider of news and intelligence specifically for the Global Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Markets, includes an overview of markets of interest to Key Equipment Finance, as well as larger economic trends.


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted June 26, 2015

Harvard Business Review describes reasons companies get behind on technology and equipment upgrades

A recent Harvard Business Review article delves into the importance of adopting new technology and equipment for businesses to remain competitive and the problems that arise when companies realize too late that they are mired in obsolete equipment and processes.


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted May 21, 2015

A new frontier: nonstandard financing agreements

ELFA Magazine is tackling the complex topic of nonstandard financing agreements in its recent issue, and Key Equipment Finance's Brian Madison is one of several industry leaders explaining how this new frontier in equipment financing is taking shape.

The article explores the questions around how to finance intangible assets and services that are increasingly part of to today's information technology, healthcare and office equipment acquisitions.


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Equipment finance leaders address slower growth in vendor space

Equipment finance leaders recently analyzed experiences and advantages in the vendor space for 2014, rating the year a 7.5 on a 10 scale, slightly lower than the previous year's 8.1 rating.

Brian Madison, Key Equipment Finance's senior vice president of manufacturer and vendor alliances, discussed unexpected events, challenges, and pleasant surprises while developing new vendor relationships.


By Stacey Hartmann in Articles Posted February 13, 2015

Water efficiency: financing infrastructure upgrades getting faster and easier

A recent article in Water Efficiency: Journal For Water Resource Management explains the benefits of equipment financing for upgrading and maintaining outdated water infrastructure.

"As the cost of upgrading and maintaining an outdated water infrastructure continues to climb, many utilities lack the funds needed to invest in necessary capital equipment," writes Brian DePonte, senior vice president of innovation markets at Key Equipment Finance. "In fact, according to the American Water Works Association’s (AWWA) 2014 State of the Water Industry Report, financing capital projects is the third most pressing issue facing water professionals today, with the condition of the water and wastewater infrastructure at the top of the list of concerns."


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted January 15, 2015

Expect Greater Capital Investment in 2015

A number of industry experts are expecting increases in capital expenditures in 2015, and equipment financing can play a major role in making these acquisitions happen.


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted November 21, 2014

Cramer Owen: Specialty vehicle trends - back to the future?

The traditional buy versus lease equation is once again becoming more relevant, writes Cramer Owen, Key Equipment Finance's national leasing manager, specialty vehicles, in the Equipment Finance Advisor.

"With the ability to offer more customized financing that can be tax optimized and offers lessees greater financing flexibility along with more asset management options, equipment leasing enterprises have a competitive advantage over term loan financing options," Owen writes. "Add to that the ability to pass through some level of tax benefits when offering operating lease financing, and the true leasing enterprise has a growing advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace."


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted October 30, 2014

ELFA Annual Convention: Adam Warner Gives Chairman's Address

Adam Warner, Key Equipment Finance's president, gave the chairman's address at the 53rd annual Equipment Leasing and Finance Association Convention Oct. 19-21 in San Diego.


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted October 21, 2014

Industry Confidence, Spread Compression Among Discussions in Monitor Cover Story

In the latest Monitor cover story, four industry leaders remained upbeat about future opportunities for the equipment financing industry, even despite excess liquidity, spread compression, increased regulation and other issues.


By keyblogadmin in Articles Posted September 29, 2014

Key Equipment Finance President Updates Industry In Equipment Finance Advisor Article

The Equipment Finance Advisor recently interviewed Key Equipment Finance President Adam Warner in an article looking ahead at the fourth quarter and looking back at the progress and setbacks of the industry so far in 2014.


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