By keetonpr in Specialty Vehicles finance Posted September 9, 2015

Bus & Motorcoach News article describes advantages of financing

Bus and motorcoach companies are always looking for cost-effective ways to grow their businesses, and equipment financing provides a variety of opportunities to upgrade and expand fleets without a large cash outlay.


By keyblogadmin in Specialty Vehicles finance Posted March 23, 2015

Understanding the impact of falling oil prices on marine finance

There has been a lot of talk lately about the impact of lower oil prices on the business sector. People in all industries, especially those directly involved in offshore oil and gas, are preparing for the short- and long-term effects falling oil prices will have on their businesses. Marine transportation is one sector that is, in fact, directly impacted by oil prices, and also one of our specialty sectors. 

When it comes to credit and financing, banks are lending — and they’re still lending to marine transportation companies. But until oil prices bounce back, the key to overcoming credit concerns for marine transportation companies is diversification.


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