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By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted May 1, 2019

Stronger day rates, utilization point to marine industry rebound

The marine industry is exhibiting a few signs of a rebound in the form of stronger day rates and increasing utilization, giving operators a reason to hope a corner has been turned, according to a new article in WorkBoat magazine by Ronnie Evans, director of marine finance at Key Equipment Finance.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted April 26, 2019

Article: Investment increases value in value-based health care

With total health care spending in the United States at more than $10,000 per capita a year and twice as much as other wealthy nations, a shift is underway from fee-for-service to value-based care that incentivizes providers with positive patient outcomes instead of numbers of procedures, according to an article in The Washington Post.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted April 24, 2019

Article: Outlook positive for credit & collections

A group of seasoned credit risk professionals recently shared their thoughts on the current state of affairs with Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine, settling on a general consensus that the outlook was positive.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted April 18, 2019

Benefits of increasing diversity in equipment finance workforce

The most important benefit of increasing ethnic and gender diversity in the workforce and leadership team is gaining diversity of thought in all areas of business.


By Shawn Arnone in Thought Leadership Posted March 26, 2019

Technology vendor financing: When core competencies outweigh price

Even in a market of seemingly unlimited choices, the old saying “you get what you pay for” still rings true.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted January 18, 2019

Article: Ins and outs of tax reform and equipment acquisition

As the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 (TCJA) has brought about many changes, the tried-and-true benefits of leasing equipment remain unchanged, according to a new article by Toni Larson, senior vice president of industrial equipment for Key Equipment Finance, in MetalForming Magazine.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted December 26, 2018

Understanding new lease accounting rules

As we move into 2019, U.S. businesses will have to plan for changes to lease accounting rules, which take effect for public companies this month and for private companies in December 2019.


By Amy Thomas in Industry Trends, Thought Leadership Posted December 17, 2018

Article: Tax benefits of financing fabrication equipment

Forward-thinking fabricators and manufacturers are analyzing profits, losses, and sales projections as the year winds down. Many may be considering upgrading equipment, replacing aging equipment, or expanding capacity.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted December 10, 2018

White paper: Tax benefits boost incentives for year-end financing

Now, more than ever, the fourth quarter is a great time to get the equipment your business needs to thrive.


By Amy Thomas in Government, Thought Leadership Posted November 30, 2018

Column: To diversify, hire like a tech company

For more than a decade, leaders within Key Equipment Finance—and within the entire equipment finance industry—have been looking for ways to attract younger, more diverse applicants to careers in equipment finance, writes Amy Gross in a recent column in Equipment Leasing & Finance magazine.


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