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By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted October 25, 2022

Key Equipment Finance leader talks “The Human Side of Innovation"

Building a team that is ready for the future requires an investment and commitment in innovation, according to a recent Monitor Live panel entitled “Human Side of Innovation: Skill Building for a Future Ready Team.”


By Amy Gross in Thought Leadership Posted July 26, 2022

How to think with an innovative mindset

As an industry, equipment finance tends to be fairly conservative. Things change slowly and we deal with a lot of regulation. How can leaders in our industry facilitate progress while also encouraging and fostering a new generation of leaders? By focusing on thinking with an innovative mindset.


By Jamie Feltes in Thought Leadership Posted June 30, 2022

Getting sustainability right starts with a strategy

Sustainability is no longer a topic corporations can avoid. In fact, it has become integral to corporate strategy for most businesses today. But while 90% of executives think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.


By Amy Thomas in Industry Trends, Thought Leadership Posted June 1, 2022

Using financing to combat labor shortages in food manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has been hit hard with labor shortages, making it imperative that companies find innovative ways to increase productivity with fewer people.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted May 26, 2022

Key Equipment Finance leader highlights opportunities for women

Key Equipment Finance Senior Vice President, Corporate Credit Officer Margaret Gutierrez is part of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association’s Women’s Council. ELFA recently featured Margaret in their spotlight Q&A series. We sat down to talk to Margaret about the Women’s Council and to hear the advice she’d share with other women in leadership positions.



By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted April 4, 2022

Financing potato storage structures

Justin Woodward, Vice President at Key Equipment Finance, shared multiple financing options for potato storage structures in a recent issue of Spudman.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted March 8, 2022

Conserving cash and remaining competitive in food, beverage and ag industries

Chuck Sharbrough, Senior Vice President, Director - Food, Beverage and Agribusiness at Key Equipment Finance, shared three key considerations for upgrading equipment in Food Industry Executive.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted January 11, 2022

Key adds 9 Certified Lease and Finance Professionals

Ongoing education is important to the finance industry, and Key Equipment Finance emphasizes this by encouraging employees to pursue educational opportunities within the industry.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted January 6, 2022

LEDs: Lighting the way to savings, productivity, and planet perks

Every organization faces unavoidable overhead costs, and electricity ranks among the highest. Many companies don’t realize how easy it is to reduce operational expenses and gain many other potential benefits by simply upgrading their lighting. In addition to saving energy expenses, other benefits of LED lighting include: increased comfort, employee productivity, and moving the needle on your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted December 1, 2021

Warner talks recent “defining events” shaping Key Equipment Finance

Key Equipment Finance President Adam Warner expects great things from his team, but the excellence they exhibited during a global pandemic by pivoting to work remotely, collaborate, and implement digital processes exceeded not only his expectations, but his imagination.


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