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By Mark Casel in Thought Leadership Posted October 3, 2023

A technology refresh crisis likely looms ahead for schools: Financing might be the solution

Many school districts that benefited from federal pandemic-related funds are finding that the well is running dry at a time when equipment and technology refreshes are coming due. These districts would benefit from financing options to spread out the cost of acquiring new technology over multiple budget years, while making critical updates to technology now.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted September 28, 2023

Key Equipment Finance upgrades software to improve pricing models

Key Equipment Finance successfully integrated equipment lease and loan modeling and pricing capabilities into Salesforce with the SuperTRUMP product. 


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted June 23, 2023

Jennifer Martin on basketball, business and innovation

Team behavior is a critical enabler of successful innovation, and innovation is about so much more than technology.

Senior leader of strategy at Key Equipment Finance Jennifer Martin spoke with Deborah Reuben, CEO and founder of TomorrowZone, for an article in The Monitor about Martin’s work in youth basketball and how it has highlighted important parallels for leadership and innovation.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted May 23, 2023

Key Equipment Finance leader believes relationships fuel the industry

Shawn Arnone, Head of Manufacturer & Government Alliances at Key Equipment Finance, sat down with us to share his thoughts on what is ahead for the industry.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted April 5, 2023

Alternative technology is powering marine industry growth

Tim Stickney, Key Equipment Finance senior vice president and national marine specialist, wrote about alternative fuels, new-builds and retrofits for marine industry growth in Marine Link.


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted March 6, 2023

Using financing to build the modern-day farm

Farms have become quite a bit more technologically advanced than they were in the past - with new agricultural trends intersecting with advances in technology. Key Equipment Finance vice president Justin Woodward wrote about financing the modern-day farm in Spudman


By Amy Thomas in Thought Leadership Posted October 25, 2022

Key Equipment Finance leader talks “The Human Side of Innovation"

Building a team that is ready for the future requires an investment and commitment in innovation, according to a recent Monitor Live panel entitled “Human Side of Innovation: Skill Building for a Future Ready Team.”


By Amy Gross in Thought Leadership Posted July 26, 2022

How to think with an innovative mindset

As an industry, equipment finance tends to be fairly conservative. Things change slowly and we deal with a lot of regulation. How can leaders in our industry facilitate progress while also encouraging and fostering a new generation of leaders? By focusing on thinking with an innovative mindset.


By Jamie Feltes in Thought Leadership Posted June 30, 2022

Getting sustainability right starts with a strategy

Sustainability is no longer a topic corporations can avoid. In fact, it has become integral to corporate strategy for most businesses today. But while 90% of executives think sustainability is important, only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy.


By Amy Thomas in Industry Trends, Thought Leadership Posted June 1, 2022

Using financing to combat labor shortages in food manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has been hit hard with labor shortages, making it imperative that companies find innovative ways to increase productivity with fewer people.


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