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Video: Key Government Finance SVP describes financing solutions for cities seeking smart infrastructure

By Amy Thomas in Industry Trends, Thought Leadership Posted April 16, 2018

Banks and finance companies are seeking creative funding solutions to help small and medium-sized cities finance their infrastructure improvements, explains Amy Gross, senior vice president of Key Government finance, in this new video from the Equipment Finance Advisor's Thought Leadership Video series.

Municipalities are increasingly looking to upgrade their infrastructure with smart parking, smart lighting, smart traffic flow management and much more, Gross says.

The challenge banks and finance companies face, she says, is to provide funding solutions that facilitate these changes, which also include cybersecurity and emergency preparedness investments.

In addition, many government entities are seeking managed solutions, and as a result, banks and finance companies focused on this lending sector must provide the best solution for all players involved in a transaction, Gross says, including the finance company, the equipment manufacturer or vendor, and ultimately, the borrower.

Check out the full video interview here:



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